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We are a family friendly practice that aims to provide the highest possible standards of patient care at all times.

Family dentistry

Steering youngsters away from unhealthy food and drinks that will harm their teeth is a headache for most parents. We educate our younger patients from an early age to make sure they grow up knowing the best ways to keep their mouths healthy. We are also on hand to impart tips on healthy eating and tooth-kind drinking.

Children are born free of dental disease, yet 50 per cent of children aged under five have tooth decay in the UK and by adulthood a significant proportion of the population has gum disease, decay and tooth loss. It is our belief that this can be prevented and we aim to fight dental disease early rather than treat it at a later date. Teeth are meant to last for life – and we will show young patients how to ensure this happens.

Our aim is to give you and your family a clean bill of health and our two-pronged approach includes visiting our dentists and hygienists, who between them will improve the health of your mouth with thorough examinations, professional cleaning and expert advice.