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We are a family friendly practice that aims to provide the highest possible standards of patient care at all times.

New patients

There’s nothing better than a personal recommendation and we are thrilled that this is the way so many of our new patients find out about us. We welcome new patients and their families to pop in before they join us for a guided tour and an informal chat.

Your initial consultation allows your dentist ample time to thoroughly examine your mouth, teeth, gums, your bite, the condition of your cheeks and tongue and any early signs of disease.

During this consultation you will:

  • Receive a thorough examination, which helps us assess your dental wellbeing
  • Have your mouth x-rayed to ensure the areas underneath, between and inside your teeth are healthy
  • Be able to talk through your concerns and dental aspirations

Following your initial consultation you will be given advice on the best ways to maintain a healthy mouth and informed whether any further treatment is required. You will then be given the opportunity to join one of our affordable dental care plans so your dental care and your budget are easily managed.

Booking a new patient appointment

New Patient consultation fee from £120

Please contact one of our reception team at the practice on 01273 501909 to book an appointment